About the Associtaion

Message from the President

The City of Nagoya has sister and friendship city affiliations with Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nanjing, Sydney, Turin, and from October 2017, Reims, France. Together with these six cities, the City of Nagoya endeavors to promote mutual understanding and friendship and to cultivate a greater sense of global awareness amongst its citizens by coordinating a wide range of exchange activities in the fields of human exchange, culture, education, sports, economy and technology.

Since its establishment, the Nagoya Sister Cities Association arranges many different activities so that each citizen can play an active role in international exchange. I sincerely hope that our activities will deepen your understanding of Nagoya's sister and friendship cities and play a role in promoting further exchange.

President, Nagoya Sister Cities Association
(Deputy Mayor, City of Nagoya)
Ichiro Hirosawa

The Nagoya Sister Cities Association

The NSCA is an autonomous organization to promote friendship and goodwill and to further mutual understanding through exchange between residents of Nagoya and our five sister cities: Los Angeles (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), Nanjing (China), Sydney (Australia), and Turin (Italy). This association conducts various exchange activities, permitting membership by Nagoya residents, organizations, and companies possessing an interest in sister city exchange.

Nagoya Sister Cities Association Overview

Founding June, 1989
Objective To promote friendship and goodwill and to further mutual understanding among residents of Nagoya and its sister cities through personal, cultural, educational, and economic exchange with Nagoya's sister cities.
Structure and Board Members President Emeritus: Mayor of Nagoya
President: Deputy Mayor of Nagoya
3 Vice Presidents
23 Directors
1 Permanent Director
2 Auditors
Office International Relations Division,Tourism&Exchange Department Bureau of Tourism, Culture&Exchange,City of Nagoya
Number of Members 143 individual members, 66 organizational members, 8 student members
(as of April 1, 2015)
Annual membership fees Individual members: JPY 3,000 per unit
Organizational members: JPY 15,000 per unit
Student members: JPY 1,000 per unit
Please note that those who newly apply in October or later can enroll for half the annual membership fee for their first fiscal year.

Main activities

The Nagoya Sister Cities Association conducts a variety of exchange projects and events in relation to Nagoya's sister and friendship cities. For more information, please see the Business Reports for each fiscal year.

  • Dispatch of Nagoya Citizens Goodwill Missions
  • Sister and Friendship Cities Goodwill Missions Welcome Reception
  • Sister City Festival
  • Christmas Party
  • Japan-China Friendship New Year's Gathering
  • Sister Cities Cooking Classes
  • Various exchange meetings, etc.
  • Various lectures, etc.
  • Membership
  • Reports

Nagoya Sister Cities Association
c/o International Relations Division, Tourism & Exchange Department Bureau of Tourism, Culture & Exchange , City of Nagoya
1-1, Sannomaru 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-8508
TEL:(052)972-3063 FAX:(052)972-4200