Gallery Hirokoji

The Hirokoji Central Shopping Mall Promotion Association has set up Gallery Hirokoji. Sculptures from four of Nagoya's sister cities can be found in the AMMNAT square open space on the central second floor of AMMNAT Square (to the west of the Asahi Shinbun building).

Family Ties (Los Angeles)

A work by Chana Ricky, this work depicts the way in which the traditions held by different families are taught and passed on to the next generation. The sight of this happy family creates a warm glow in the viewer's heart.

Three Elements: Air, Water, Earth (Mexico City)

Created by Juan Cruz, one of Mexico's key sculptors, this work depicts Mother Nature as a bird (air), a shell (water), and a mother and child (land, meaning earth).

Goddess of Fortune (Nanjing)

A work by Zhu Zhiyao. Made in artificial stone, the design shows Kissho-tennyo, the goddess of fortune, mounted on an evil-averting lion and holding a kichijo-so flower. It expresses the friendship, peace, and happiness of Japan and China.

Deco Goddess (Sydney)

A work by Phyllis Koshland, this sculpture of a goddess has the gentle expansivity of the orientation toward peace. The ultimate aim of the sister city relationship is world peace.

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