1. General Meetings and Board Meetings

(1) The 1st Board Meeting, General Meeting and Concert

Date Friday, June 3, 2016
Place Nagoya City Civic Reception House
Participants 53
Details We approved the FY 2015 Business Report and Income/Expenditure Report and deliberated on the FY 2016 Business Plan and Income/Expenditure Budget. In tribute to the 40th of our sister-city relationship with Mexico City, Deputy Director Chaya of the Higashiyama Zoo, gave a lecture about animal exchanges with Mexico.

(2) The 2nd Board Meeting

Date Thursday, February 16, 2017
Place Nagoya City Civic Reception House
Participants 23
Details We deliberated on the change of board members, outline of the FY 2017 Business Plan and Income/Expenditure Budget Proposal Plan, and FY 2016 Business Report.

2. Commemorative Projects Anticipating the 40th Anniversary of Nagoya-Mexico City Sister-City Relationship

(1) Japan-Mexico Academy (Liceo Mexicano Japonés) Student Reception

Dates Monday, June 27, 2016
Place Koyo Senior High School
Details On the occasion of students and teachers from the Japan-Mexico Academy (Liceo Mexicano Japonés) visiting Nagoya from Mexico, an Exchange Party was held with Koyo Senior High School’s Global Science Studies Department. The students shared lunch, and held presentations about their schools, country, culture, and lifestyle.

(2) Mexico Exchange Party and Mariachi Band

Date Thursday (Holiday), September 22, 2016
Place Nagoya International Center Annex Hall
Visitors 174
Details Performance of traditional Mexican music by a professional mariachi band from Mexico. The band also did a music lesson and sing-a-long. There was time for exchanges while Mexican food was served, and an opportunity to experience and understand Mexican culture was made.

(3) Sister City Festival 2016

Dates Saturday, Oct 15 – Sun, Oct 16, 2016
Place Oasis 21, Galaxy Platform
Visitors 17,284
Details Performance by the Zhang Bin Erhu Orchestra, dance performance by the Los Angeles Nisei Week Queen and Court, Mexico Tourism Seminar by the Mexico Tourism Board, traditional Mexican music performance by a mariachi band, other on-stage events related to sister cities, and a booth introducing sister cities.

(4) Photos with the Aztec Calendar

Date Sat, Oct 15 – Sun, Oct 16, 2016
Place Hisaya Odori Park, Mexico Plaza (Ikoi-no-Hiroba)
Participants 69
Details Commemorative photographs in front of the monument gifted by Mexico City in Hisaya Odori Park (Sister and Friendship Cities Plaza.) Photographs taken will later be used to promote exchange between the City of Nagoya and Mexico City.

(5) Mexico Contemporary Music Concert: Listening to Japan and Mexico with Guitar and Marimba

Date Sat, December 17, 2016
Place Nagoya International Center Annex Hall
Participants 95
Details Contemporary music concert featuring a composer from both Mexico and Nagoya. Mexican Composer Rodrigo visited and greeted the audience. A video screened showed not only the music, but the culture and charms of our sister city, Mexico City.

3. Exchange Activities within Sister Cities

(1) Central Japan Promotion Seminar

Date August 11, 2016
Place InterContinental Los Angeles Century City
Participants 61
Details Seminar promoting Nagoya tourism etc. organized with LANSCA (Los Angeles Nagoya Sister City Association), attended by Los Angeles travel industry members, news media, and members from Los Angeles Sister City Associations. Consul General Chiba of the Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles attended and gave welcome remarks.

(2) Matsuri in Sydney 2016

Date Sat, December 10, 2016
Place Darling Harbour, Sydney
Attendees approx. 30,000
Details Sydney’s biggest Japanese Festival took place at Tumbalong Park in the Darling Harbour Area. Nagoya’s booth invited attendees to visit Nagoya, as well as promoting the charms of Nagoya and sister city exchange.

4. Exchange Activities within Nagoya

(1) Sister and Friendship Cities Goodwill Missions Welcome Reception

Date Fri, October 14, 2016
Place Westin Nagoya Castle, 2nd Floor Tenshu Room
Participants 156 (including 40 from Sister and Friendship Cities Goodwill Missions)
Details Welcome reception party for the Sister and Friendship Cities Goodwill Missions who came to Japan for the Nagoya Festival and Sister City Festival 2016.

(2) The 38th Sister and Friendship Cities Children’s Art Exhibition (co-held by Nagoya City Board of Education)

Date Wednesday (Holiday) November 23, 2016 – Sunday, November 27, 2016
Place Nagoya City Museum, 3rd Floor Gallery
Visitors 35,788
Details The Nagoya City Board of Education and the Nagoya Sister Cities Association worked together to open an exhibition featuring children’s art from Nagoya’s sister and friendship cities. The exhibition also featured panels introducing the sister and friendship cities, allowing Nagoya citizens to cultivate a deeper understanding towards them.

(3) Christmas Party (co-held by Nagoya Japan-Australia-New Zealand Society)

Date Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Place Meitetsu New Grand Hotel, 7th Floor Tsubaki Room
Participants 95
Details We held a Christmas Party together with Nagoya Japan-Australia-New Zealand Society, where we were able to deepen understanding toward Sydney and Australia and advance exchange between the members of our respective associations.

(4) Japan-China Friendship New Year’s Gathering (co-held by Japan-China Friendship Association of Aichi (NPO) and Japan-China Friendship Association of Nagoya)

Dates Thursday, January 26, 2017
Place International Hotel Nagoya, 2nd Floor, Oimatsu Room
Participants 99
Details We held Japan-China Friendship New Year’s Gathering together with Japan-China Friendship Association of Aichi (NPO) and Japan-China Friendship Association of Nagoya, allowing participants to cultivate a deeper understanding of Nanjing and China.

(5) Seminar: A Taste of Sister and Friendship Cities

Date Saturday, March 11, 2017 and Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Place Kobu Japanese Dining
Participants 42
Details Tasting and introduction to recipes and foods of each sister city, deepened understanding of sister city food culture while feeling as if you are travelling through them.

5. Other Activities

(1) Nagoya Sister Cities Association Website Operation

Details Providing information and promotions for the various activities of the Nagoya Sister Cities Association.

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