Sister City Exchanges with Nagoya

Los Angeles-Nagoya Sister City Affiliation (LANSCA) 

LANSCA is a non-profit organization made up of individual and corporate volunteers that is involved in projects promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Los Angeles and Nagoya. Its chairman is appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles, but LANSCA receives no financial support from the city; the costs of its activities are covered by membership fees, fundraising events, and donations. LANSCA also carries out a range of activities as the contact point in Los Angeles for sister city exchanges.

Nisei Week Japanese Festival and the Nisei Week Queen

Every summer, a large-scale festival called the Nisei Week Japanese Festival is held in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles. The Festival was established by the Nisei (second-generation Japanese-Americans) in 1934 during the Great Depression and is the longest running minority festival in the United States. The festival's major event is the Nisei Week Parade, a parade that marches around the district of Little Tokyo. Over the duration of the festival, there are a great many events and exhibitions held, including the Coronation Ball, where the Nisei Week Queen is crowned.

  • Nisei Week Parade

  • Coronation

Participation in Nagoya Festival

The Nisei Week Queen and Court come to Nagoya during Nagoya Festival every year in October, where they participate in the Sister City Festival, the Sister and Friendship Cities Goodwill Missions Welcome Reception, and the Nagoya Festival Parade, thereby deepening exchange between Nagoya and Los Angeles.

  • Sister and Friendship Cities Goodwill Missions Welcome Reception

  • Nagoya Festival Parade

High School Student Exchange Program

This program aims to deepen understanding between high school students from Nagoya and Los Angeles, promoting mutual understanding and goodwill through homestay and other activities. Starting on the year following the two cities' sister city affiliation, four students and a chaperone have been sent from either city almost every summer. Students from Los Angeles have valuable experiences during their two-week stay in Nagoya, such as going to a local high school, doing a homestay, and participating in a Cultural Exchange Party.

  • Students and chaperone at Nagoya Castle

  • At the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament

University Exchanges

Nagoya City University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences signed an Academic Exchange Agreement with the University of Southern California (USC) in September 1992, and the two universities have conducted joint studies and exchange of researchers and students. USC is a private university founded in 1880. Nagoya City University sends about 10 researchers and students to USC every year.

Sister Zoo Exchange between Higashiyama Zoo and the Los Angeles Zoo

In October 1969, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Nagoya-Los Angeles Sister City Affiliation, Higashiyama Zoo and the Los Angeles Zoo concluded a sister zoo affiliation. In addition to animal exchanges, exchanges between the zoos have significance in exchanging information with each other about protecting rare species and learning from each other.

  • The Los Angeles Zoo

  • Giraffes at the Los Angeles Zoo

Nagoya Los Angeles Junior High School Student Friendship Basketball Games

In July 2014, a junior high school basketball team from Los Angeles visited Nagoya to play friendly matches for three days with junior high school students from Nagoya, experience Japanese culture, and be hosted by a Japanese family for a homestay.

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