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Chapultepec Park (Bosque de Chapultepec)

There are plenty of places to see in the lush Chapultepec Park, such as the National Museum of Anthropology, a castle, a zoo, and an art museum.

Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana)

The Metropolitan Cathedral is a church on the north side of Zocalo. It is responsible for managing all Catholic churches in Mexico.

Independence Monument (Monumento a la Independencia)

A tower made in 1910 to celebrate 100 years of independence. Build upon a rotary on Paseo de la Reforma.

Monument to the Revolution (Monumento a la Revolucion)

An arched dome built in Revolution Square. At the top of the structure, there are sculptures of the heroes of the Reform Movement.

National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)

A museum world-class in both size and content, precious artifacts from the remains of Teotihuacan, the Mayans, and the Aztecs are on display.

Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes)

Performances are held at this colorful Art Deco theater, including classical music concerts, operas, and Mexican traditional dances.

National Palace (Palacio Nacional)

A historical palace that has become a stage for Mexico's independence.

Paseo de la Reforma

A street extending from the Northeast to the Southwest featuring an array of modern buildings. There are historical monuments on the intersections and rotaries.

Templo Mayor

An artifact of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. It is now open to the public.


The remains of the enormous city constructed in the 2nd BC. It is located in the northern suburbs of Mexico City.

Torre Latinoamericano

A 42-story structure built in the 1950s.


A natural park in the southern suburbs of Mexico City, featuring a water route where many cruise ships come and go. It is a trace of the time when Mexico City was a lake.


A central plaza in Mexico City. Many primary tourist attractions are concentrated in the area surrounding this plaza.

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